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How Hard is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin can be used for a lot of different things from gluing items to making jewelry with it. But it is still a little bit hard for beginners to wrap their heads around what epoxy actually is. I had the same issue when I started working with epoxy. So … Read more

Snapmaker Just Announced the New Artisan 3 in 1 Printer

Update from 26.07.22:Today the price of the Snapmaker and the release date were made public by Snapmaker. The Artisan will be released on August the 9th. You will be able to preorder the Snapmaker on the official Snapmaker store at 7 a.m. PDT on August 9th. The Artisan will cost … Read more

How to Use Polymer Clay – A Step by Step Beginner Guide

Polymer clay is one of my personal favorite crafting materials. It is versatile, easy to use, and you don´t need a kiln to cure it, making it accessible to everyone with a regular oven kitchen. I have been working with polymer clay for several years and I will share my … Read more

Sovol SV01 Pro Review – A Great Printer With Minor Issues

The Sovol Pro SV01 is a budget FDM 3D printer with some interesting features for its price class. I personally took a very close look at it and tested it for over 100 hours to see if it is a good printer. As a whole, the Sovol SV01 Pro is … Read more

How to Use Air Dry Clay – Everything You Need to Know

Air-dry clay is probably the most accessible clay overall. Just open the package, make your sculpture, and then let it dry in the open. No oven or furnace is needed and the clay is relatively cheap too. In this guide, I will show you how to use air-dry clay and … Read more

How Heavy is Epoxy? – It´s Pretty Easy to Find Out!

Epoxy resin often looks much heavier than it actually is. When I first worked with epoxy resin I wasn´t sure how heavy my finished product would be and I was surprised just how light it was once I was done. Today I know that there is an easy way to … Read more

Epoxy – What it is and What it´s Used for

Epoxy resins have been around since 1943 but their popularity outside of industrial use has risen quite significantly in the last couple of years. Especially the arts and crafts space has begun to use epoxy a lot, me included. But what exactly is epoxy and what can it be used … Read more

Is Resin Jewelry Waterproof? – We Tested it!

Resin jewelry is becoming more and more popular in the last few years, especially on Etsy. When I got into working with resin there were a few things that I had to find out before I could use it on commercial projects. One of them was if resin jewelry is … Read more

Is Resin Waterproof? – We Tested 4 Resins to Find Out

Using Resin for crafting and woodworking has been getting increasingly popular over the years. So I was wondering what resin could be used for. I started by researching if resin could be used for projects involving water and I conducted my own test to see if and what types of … Read more

How to Make Your Own CNC Machine Easily and Cheaply

A CNC machine can be a great addition for every woodworking hobbyist or business. A CNC will enable you to create stunning woodworking projects that are only possible with precision machining. But can you build your own CNC machine from scratch and how expensive would that be? I will show … Read more