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How to Draw on a Computer?

Don´t be mistaken, drawing on a computer isn´t necessarily easier than drawing traditional. It requires at least the same amount of knowledge and skill. But If you want to draw on a computer, then I am going to show you all the things you need, how to set them up, … Read more

Things to draw easy

You are searching for a few easy things to draw? Either because you want to get back into drawing or you just want something easy to draw that will yield great results? Then here is a list of great and easy to draw things for you! 1.How about some magical … Read more

Kalligraphie lernen für Anfänger mit kostenlosen Arbeitsblättern!

Willkommen zu meinem Kalligraphie guide! Ich werde dir die Grundlagen zeigen und die wichtigsten dinge näher bringen, damit du alles nötige weißt um Kalligraphie schreiben zu lernen. Ich werde dir zeigen, wie du deinen Stift vorbereitest und sauber machst, werde dir zeigen welches Papier am besten ist und du kannst … Read more

Wie schreibt man mit einem Kalligraphie Stift?

In diesem Guide zeige ich dir, wie du einen Kalligraphie stift zusammen setzt, mit tinte auffüllst und damit deinen ersten Satz schreibst. Also lass uns direkt los legen! Was du für diesen Guide brauchst. Du brauchst einen Füllhalter, eine Kalligraphie Spitze, Tinte und etwas Papier, auf dem du schreiben kannst. … Read more

How to draw Smoke?

Drawing smoke is something that is weirdly hard to do but the moment, you understand how smoke moves and what shapes it forms you will find, that it is actually pretty easy to do. But before we start let’s take a look at the tools, that you need to draw … Read more

Why do I suck at drawing?

Before we start. No one really sucks at drawing and you shouldn´t be too harsh on yourself. I understand the frustration, that you want to draw an awesome thing and midway through you realize it just won’t come out the way, you imagined it to be. The secret is, it … Read more

How to get back into Drawing?

The short answer is, just start drawing again! Think of what you like or what inspired you lately and just draw that. Just start with simple things or things you used to draw a lot to get comfortable with drawing again. I have been drawing on and off for over … Read more

How to Draw a Book. An Easy Step by Step Guide

In this guide, I will teach you how to draw books from several perspectives and orientations. You will learn how to add details to your book drawing and all that in an easy to understand step by step guide. This Guide is meant for Beginners but intermediate artists may learn … Read more

How to Draw Shoes || Male Shoes and High Heels

In this Guide, I will teach you how to Draw shoes with step by step examples. You will learn how to Draw female and male shoes from side, front and three-quarter view. So let’s draw some shoes! What Tools Do I Need for This Tutorial? The tools are not that … Read more

How to Draw a Nose With Step by Step Examples

In this guide on how to draw a nose. I will go over the basic anatomy (don´t worry only the most important parts) of the human nose, different shapes of the nose and a step by step drawing example. So let´s start learning. What tools do I need for this … Read more