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A free printable calligraphy worksheet for the Blackletter (Gothic) Script

What is in this free printable calligraphy worksheet? The free printable calligraphy worksheet consists of four different sheets, that will help you learn the Blackletter Script very fast. The First sheet will show you all the general Information about this Script like x-height, the nib to use in the beginning, … Read more

How to Use Calligraphy Pens. An In-Depth Guide

In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to clean, assemble and properly use a traditional dip pen. This is a beginners guide and will go over every step in detail. I will show you how to use a calligraphy pen step by step. So let´s get started! What … Read more

Paper for Calligraphy. Everything you need to know.

Papers for calligraphy Paper is one of the three most important things to choose when doing calligraphy. What papers can I use for calligraphy? Generally, the paper has to be thicker than normal printing paper and it needs to be smooth and should not have to much texture to it. … Read more

Reasons Why Your Calligraphy Dip Pen is not Working

There can be a lot of reasons why your dip pen isn´t working quite right. Does the Ink not flow correctly or do you have to dip your pen in the ink after every letter because the reservoir of the nib won’t hold the ink properly? Then you most likely … Read more

The different types of calligraphy

Western Calligraphy Tools In western calligraphy traditionally a dip pen was used to write the letters. The dip pen can have different nibs, depending on which font you want to write. There was the italic broad edge nib, the flex nib, and the round nib. Script types Uncial Script This … Read more

How to do calligraphy with a marker?

Is it possible to do Calligraphy with a Marker? Yes, it is possible to do calligraphy with markers. I personally love to use markers especially when I am sketching an idea, if I want a smooth transition between colors or if I am drawing on a different colored surface or … Read more

10 Actual Tips to Improve Your Calligraphy Skills

Here are some actual tips, that helped me to improve my calligraphy substantially! But remember, to master calligraphy, there really is no way around practicing. So I will show you the best ways to practice and the most interesting ways so that you don’t waste your time or get bored! … Read more

How to Write Calligraphy – A Comprehensive Guide

During my college time, I had a calligraphy teacher who taught me in this beautiful craft, and even though I am not a master at writing calligraphy In this article I will show you everything, that I know and teach you how to write calligraphy. What do I need to … Read more