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Is Printing Miniatures Worth it?

We all know that the miniature hobby, especially the Warhammer miniature hobby, is costly. You need expensive paints, primers, glue, and of course the miniatures themselves. But can you save money by buying a 3D printer and printing your own miniatures? As a whole, it is worth printing miniatures most … Read more

Can Acrylic Paint be Used to Paint Miniatures?

Miniatures are an awesome hobby no matter if you plan on assembling and painting wargaming miniatures or historical miniatures or miniatures for dioramas. But what kind of paint can be used for painting miniatures and what kind of paint is best for painting them? As a whole, acrylic paint is … Read more

How to Make Sprue Goo for Glueing and Fixing Miniatures

You might have heard Warhammer players or miniature enthusiasts talking about sprue goo and how they use it to glue their miniatures and fix seams or holes in their miniatures. Sprue goo is a very cheap alternative to green stuff but what is it exactly and how do you make … Read more

The New Neptune 3 from Elegoo is Coming on May the 28th

Elegoo reached out to me to announce the new Neptune 3 that will be in presale on may the 28th. But what are the new features and how is it different from their previous FDM 3D printers (3D printers that use a filament to print)? The Neptune 3 from Elegoo … Read more

What is a Wet Palette and How to Use One Effectively

If you are into miniature painting or acrylic painting in general then you might have heard of a wet palette before but what is it used for and what makes it so good for painting with acrylic paints? As a whole, a wet palette is a palette that keeps acrylic … Read more

How to Easily Make a Wet Palette in Less Than 5 Minutes

A wet palette is one of these tools that I never thought to be that interesting or even useful to me until I tried it and it changed how I paint pretty drastically. But a wet palette is quite expensive so a lot of you might be hesitant to try … Read more

What Kind of 3D Printer is Best for Printing Miniatures

Printing your own miniatures is something that a lot of wargame enthusiasts have been waiting for and the wait is finally over with the introduction of 3D resin printers. But what kind of 3D printer is really the best for printing miniatures? As a whole, a resin printer is the … Read more

How to Prime Miniatures – Get Perfect Results Every Time

Preparing your miniatures for painting is one of the most important steps in painting them. If you mess up here then your mistake will carry through all the rest of the steps. For example, one messed-up seam will be painfully visible even after you painted your miniature. So I will … Read more

Why Miniatures Should Not be Painted Without Using a Primer

Painting miniatures is a wonderful hobby no matter if you are painting Warhammer miniatures or historical miniatures for dioramas. But one of the most important steps of painting miniatures right after assembling them is priming them with a paint primer. In this article, I will tell you exactly why and … Read more

The Best Paints to Use on Wood that Yield Great Results

Wood is one of the most versatile materials that you can work with and starting to work with it is really easy. Sooner or later you will come to the point where you want to paint wood either because you build your own project out of wood or you want … Read more