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How to Paint a Door – The Easiest Way With the Best Results!

Painting doors might seem like a difficult thing to do but it doesn´t have to be. There are some important things that you need to keep in mind when painting a door but I will go over the whole process of painting a door in easy-to-follow steps so that you … Read more

How to Smooth a 3D Print – It´s Really Easy Once You Know How

The possibilities that 3D printing unlocks for all of us are amazing and as time goes on more and more technologies and more use cases for 3D printing are found and developed. But one problem remains and will probably remain for quite some time and that is smoothing the print … Read more

What Kind of Paint to Use for Painting 3D Prints

3D printing is an amazing technology that becomes more and more accessible to hobbyists. So you probably already finished your first few 3D prints and now you want to paint them but you are wondering what kind of paint to use for the job. In this article, I will tell … Read more

How to Paint 3D Prints Properly and Avoid Paint Peeling

3D printing can be an amazing tool for a lot of creative crafts but newcomers often face the same issue when painting their 3D prints: The paint comes off rather easily. So in this article, I will tell you exactly how to paint your 3D prints correctly and avoid issues … Read more

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Review – Insanely Good Resin Printer

I got a chance to test the new Mars 2 Pro 3D printer from Elegoo and I have to say it was quite a journey. In this article, I will tell you what I like about the printer, what I don´t like, and what difficulties I encountered during my first … Read more

What Kind of Paint to Use For Airbrushing and How to Thin it

Airbrushing can be used to paint amazing-looking artworks, for priming or painting items of pretty much any size evenly, and airbrushing can be used for painting details or effects on almost any type of material. But airbrushing is unfortunately not the easiest hobby to get started with mainly because it … Read more

How to Carve Air-Dry Clay

Air-Dry clay is a great crafting clay for beginners that air-dries within one day. But what do you do if your sculpture is dry and you forgot to change something or you want to change something about the sculpture after it has fully dried? Well, you can work with air-dry … Read more

Best Alternatives to Air-Dry Clay

Air-dry clay is an amazing crafts medium that can be used to create sculptures by everyone without the need to fire the clay in a kiln. But there are a lot of drawbacks to using air-dry clay which is why I will take a closer look at some alternatives to … Read more

How to Store Air Dry Clay After Opening it

Air-dry clay is a great crafting medium, especially for hobby crafters who don´t have access to a kiln to fire clay. But air-dry clay will start to dry out as soon as it is out of its package so what can be done if you only need a small amount … Read more

How to Make Air Dry Clay Waterproof

Air-dry clay is a very popular sculpting medium amongst hobby crafters. It is easy to use, cheap, and no kiln is required to harden it because it air dries. There are a couple of drawbacks to using air-dry clay, however. One of the biggest drawbacks is that air-dry clay tends … Read more