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Pen Holder for Nibs

It doesn´t matter what kind of Script you want to write or which kind of Nibs you want to use, you will need a Pen Holder. It is kind of up to your own taste what kind of holder you like to use but I like the Speedball Pen Holders best. They fit great in the hand and you can hold them very steady with ease.

Lettering Broad Nibs (For Blackletter or Gothic Scripts)

Broad Nibs are for gothic Scripts and Blackletter scripts and other scripts, that have fixed-line weights in one dimension. If you want to write a script with varied line weight then you will need a pointed Nib. A Pointed Nib will change line size by applying pressure while Broad Nibs will stay at the same width at all times. The Nibs from Speedball are my favorites.

Speedball Point Dip Pen Nibs

Pointed Nibs, also called Dip Pen Nibs, are for writing modern calligraphy fonts where the line weight changes by applying pressure. I personally like the Nibs from Speedball the best, it doesn´t matter if Broad or Pointed Nibs. They are quite cheap, accept and distribute the ink very well and you can use them for a very long time, I think my oldest Nib from Speedball is 6 years old now and it is still working great.

Calligraphy Paper

You can generally write calligraphy on almost any paper as long as it absorbs the ink properly, doesn´t catch any fibers, has no or very little texture, and doesn´t bleed. If you are just starting out with calligraphy though, I would recommend using regular Calligraphy paper to learn how to write calligraphy.

Calligraphy Ink

High-quality Calligraphy Inks are probably just as important as a high-quality Nib. There are a lot of different Inks on the market. Regular Inks, Neon colored Inks, and even special effects ink, that glows in the dark or has glitter in it. If you are just starting out, however, I would highly recommend sticking to regular colored Ink. Mainly because the special effect Inks have a habit of logging or even damaging your nib if you are not careful. I personally prefer speedball Inks but you can also go for Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks if you want to. I use both brands and they are both very high quality.

Complete Starter Kit

If you are looking for an all in one calligraphy starter kit then Speedball has got you covered! In this kit, you will get everything, that you need to start out with calligraphy! You will get Ink, Nibs, a Pen Holder, Paper and even a little booklet with some easy to learn Alphabets for beginners. If you want to test if calligraphy is something, that you might be interested in, then I would highly recommend getting this starter kit. It has everything, that you need to start.

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