How to do calligraphy with a marker?

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Is it possible to do Calligraphy with a Marker?

Yes, it is possible to do calligraphy with markers. I personally love to use markers especially when I am sketching an idea, if I want a smooth transition between colors or if I am drawing on a different colored surface or even different surface than paper. Like with nibs there are different styles of tips for markers either broad flat nibs or pointed thin nibs. But before we go over how to do calligraphy with a marker we will firstly look at some exapmles of my favorite markers.

What calligraphy markers are there?

When it comes to colored markers I usually like to use Copic markers. These markers come in a huge variety of colors sizes and usually, they will have two tips. One is a broad tip and the other a brush tip. They also mix very well! There really is only one big drawback, the broad tip is not thin it is very broad and as such, you won’t be able to do smaller calligraphy that easy.

Other Markers I really like are Kuretake calligraphy markers. They come in a whole lot of colors as well they don’t tend to mix that well though. But they also come in pigmented special colors like gold or silver. If you take a black or dark colored paper you can create some amazing looking calligraphy with them. The tips of these pens are broad as well but unlike the Copic markers, they are quite thin.

You don´t have to use these markers, they are just my favorites to use, when it comes down to it, you can use whatever markers you want, really! Just experiment around and try different things!

What paper to use?

Here pretty much the same rule applies when choosing the right paper for calligraphy. The paper has to absorb the inc well, it should not bleed and you should be careful with paper that has a lot of texture. There are a lot of different kinds of papers out there that are made for markers. Pretty much all of these will do a great job. Because you aren’t scratching with a metal nib over the surface of these papers, unlike in traditional calligraphy, you don’t need to be all to careful in choosing the right paper here. If you have a pigmented ink marker then you could try some dark or black colored papers if you want to.

The Markers are dry?

You should not leave markers out in the sun or a very warm room for too long, as they will dry up. Copic markers are refillable but Kuretake Markers are not. Copic Markers can be “Revived” with some rubbing alcohol if you are lucky. Just pull the tip out with a pair of pliers and put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the marker. Then put the tip back in, cap the marker and shake it for about a minute. After that just leave the marker for few hours and then try drawing with it again. If you are lucky you marker will work again. This only works with alcohol-based Markers!

If you want to learn more about Calligraphy then you can check my complete and free calligraphy guide out here!

Some Inspiration

Here is some of my personal works with the two markers mentioned above.

This one is done with a copic marker on watercolor paper.
This one was done with a pigmented marker on black rough textured paper.

Now it’s your turn! Go ahead and try some calligraphy with markers. It´s a lot of fun! And have an awesome day!