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How to Smooth Every Kind of 3D Print

The possibilities that 3D printing unlocks for all of us are amazing and as time goes on more and more technologies and more use cases for 3D printing are found and developed. But one problem remains and will probably remain for quite some time and that is smoothing the print … Read more

Bambu Lab P1P Review – Is it Really That Good?

The P1P from Bambu Lab is the second printer released by Bambu Lab. The first was the X1 Carbon and it impacted the 3D printing community like no other 3D printer in the past 10 years. So let’s see if the P1P from Bambu labs can do the same. Pros … Read more

How to Do Calligraphy With a Marker?

In this article, I will show you how to write calligraphy with a marker. While traditional calligraphy is focused on using traditional materials to write calligraphy modern calligraphy uses all kinds of modern materials to create amazing written art. But let’s start at the beginning. Is it Possible to Do … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Calligraphy Skills That Work

Here are some actual tips, that helped me to improve my calligraphy substantially! But remember, to master calligraphy, there really is no way around practicing. So I will show you the best ways to practice and the most interesting ways so that you don’t waste your time or get bored! … Read more

How to Write Calligraphy – A Comprehensive Guide

During my college time, I had a calligraphy teacher who taught me this beautiful craft, and even though I am not a master at writing calligraphy In this article I will show you everything, that I know and teach you how to write calligraphy. Here is a brief summary of … Read more

How Much Filament a 3D Printer Uses on Average

3D filament can be expensive, so it is essential to know how to calculate the amount of filament used on a print job and what factors influence the amount of filament used. So how much filament does a 3D printer use on average? A 3D printer uses on average between … Read more

How Much Power Does a 3D Printer Use? – We Measured it for You

A 3D Printer doesn´t consume as much power as you might think but it is still advisable to measure your 3D printer’s power consumption if you want to charge for your prints. So how much power dow a 3D printer really use? A 3D printer uses between 90 and 290 … Read more

How Much Does 3D Filament Cost? – With Price Comparisons

3D filament is just as important as the 3D printer itself. There are a lot of brands offering 3D printing filament of various quality for various prices but how much does 3D filament cost on average? 3D filament costs on average between $11 and $335 for 1 kg depending on … Read more

How Much Does a 3D Printer Cost?

3D printers used to be quite expensive and not reliable at all. But they have come a long way since then. Nowadays 3D printers are quite affordable and can produce amazing results right out of the box. But how much does a 3D printer cost? A 3D printer can cost … Read more

Is 3D Printing Expensive? Including Power and Filament Costs.

3D printing is quite affordable if you print on your own machine at home but ordering a print from a 3D printing service can become quite expensive especially if the model is very detailed or has to be printed in a special filament. But how expensive is 3D printing? A … Read more

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