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Creality K1 Review – The Best-Looking Creality Printer Yet

The Creality K1 is not just a simple copy of the P1P or the X1 Carbon from Bambu Labs. There are quite a bit of differences but, unfortunately, most areas where they differ are also areas where the K1 is inferior. The K1 has however two main advantages, the price … Read more

Bambu Lab P1S Review – The Cheaper X1 Carbon Alternative?

Bambu Lab released the brand new P1S not even a year after releasing the P1P as a cheaper alternative to the X1 Carbon with lots of compromises. The P1S is an effort to provide yet another cheap alternative to the X1 Carbon with fewer compromises. I think that Bambu Lab … Read more

AlgoLaser Alpha 22W Laser Engraver Review – It Impressed Me

AlgoLaser is a brand-new company founded by industry veterans with the goal of creating a great laser engraver that is reliable and powerful while still being affordable. Let’s see if they succeed. Is the AlgoLaser Alpha a good laser engraver? The AlgoLaser Alpha is a great laser engraver that can … Read more

The Best Type of 3D Printer Filament in 2023

I tested the most used 3D printing filaments to find out which filament is the best. I tested the tensile strength and the impact strength of each filament. And here are the results. The best type of filament is nylon for strength alone, but nylon is difficult to print and … Read more

How Long will Hot Glue Last?

Hot glue is a very versatile glue, that can be used for many different projects and with a wide variety of materials. But how long will hot glue last? Industrial hot glue only lasts one year unopened and about six months once opened. Regular hot glue will last between two … Read more

Sculpfun S30 Ultra Laser Engraver Review – It´s All Right

The Sulpfun S30 Ultra comes with three different laser modules. An 11w, 22w, and a 33w module. This review will look at the 22 Watts version. So is the Sculpfun S30 Ultra a good laser engraving machine? The Sculpfun S30 Ultra is a good laser engraver that can cut and … Read more

3D Printer Bed Leveling: A Quick and Easy to Follow Guide

As a whole, leveling the bed of a 3D printer is done with a piece of paper that is put between the nozzle of the printer and the print bed. Then the print bed is raised or lowered until the piece of paper can be pulled out under the nozzle with a little bit of resistance.

Should the Bed Cool Down Before Removing the 3D Print?

3D printing can take a long time depending on your printer’s speed and the size of the model you are printing. But can you remove the 3D printed part right away or do you need to let the bed cool down before removing the 3D print? The bed should cool … Read more

How to Remove Pencil and Crayon Marks From a Wall

We all heard stories before that begin with “I only looked away for one second and … “. Well, that happened to me a couple of days ago and the results were several pencil marks on the living room wall. So how do you remove pencil and crayon marks from … Read more

What is FDM 3D Printing? – A Simple Explanation

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D Printing is the most utilized kind of 3D printing. But what is FDM 3D Printing? Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3D Printing is an additive manufacturing process where melted plastic material is deposited over a build plate line by line and layer by layer until the … Read more

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