How Do You Draw a Bunny? Easy Step by Step Guide

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Drawing a cute Bunny is not hard if you know what you have to look out for. The problem, that most people encounter when drawing a bunny, is that they want to draw the bunny as cute as possible but in the end, the bunny will either look weird or not at all cute.

In this guide, I will tell you everything, that you have to look out for and everything, that you have to keep in mind when you draw a cute Bunny. I will cover what materials I use when drawing, and how to make things, and in this case, a Bunny, look cute.

I will then show you in an easy to follow step by step approach how to draw the bunny.

So, let’s get started with the Materials, that you will be needing.

Materials for Drawing a Cute Bunny

I will list the Materials, that I used to draw this illustration but I will also give you a couple of alternatives for every tool, that I used. So if you don´t have the exact same materials, that I used, then don´t stress out and just look for one of the alternatives. You will be just fine!

Graphite Pencil

You will need a graphite pencil to draw the underdrawing for our Illustration. I usually use a B2 or B3 graphite pencil but you can use any grade ranging from HB to 7B.

I would not recommend anything, that is harder than an HB pencil because you will run into the danger of damaging the paper, that you are drawing on.

Kneadable Eraser

I know, that I said earlier, that you don´t have to have the exact same tools, that I have but if you use a Kneadable Eraser, then this whole guide and drawing, in general, will become so much easier!

A Kneadable Eraser can be kneaded in any form, that you like or need. It can erase and lighten up your graphite lines and it does not damage the paper or your drawing surface in any way.

So I highly recommend a Kneadable Eraser for this guide! You can use a regular Eraser as well but it is suboptimal.


For paper, you can use any regular Sketchpaper or Illustration board. The most important thing when choosing the right paper is, that you choose paper, that can take the medium, that you use for drawing and painting.

So for example, if you want to color your drawing with watercolor then make sure, that the paper can take it. Does it absorb water correctly or does it wrinkle up uncontrollably?

You can just test the medium on a scrap piece of paper and check out how the paper takes it before you use it for drawing.

Markers For Drawing Outlines

I usually use a brush pen or a black Copic marker to outline my drawings. Just make sure, that your paper can take the kind of marker, that you use.

Acrylic Colors, Watercolors or Coloring Pencils

If you want to color your drawing then you will need a coloring medium. I usually use Acrylic Colors or Watercolors for most of my drawings. For this drawing, however, I used Copic Markers.

Coloring Pencils are also a very good option for coloring your drawings. It totally depends on your preferences.

How to Draw a Cute Bunny?

So, after you gathered all your materials you can finally start drawing the bunny.

Step 1: Let´s Establish the Forms of the Bunny

As always, we will start off with a circle. Our Bunny is supposed to look cute so in order to make it look cute, we will have to keep our lines and general forms round.

So avoid sharp points and keep the overall shape round!

So grab your Graphite pencil and keep all the lines very light because you will erase them later on. So to make it easier for you to erase them, keep these lines light.

Start by drawing a simple circle and then attach a triangle with very rounded corners. The circle is going to be the head of our Bunny and the triangle is going to be the body.

Next up we will block in the feet of our Bunny. Just draw two elongated ellipses at the bottom of the triangle. To make the feet look more realistic and lifelike we are tilting one of the feet slightly more outwards. This will add some character to our Bunny.

We have to add some guidelines to the face of the bunny to make it easier for us to draw the eyes and nose of the Bunny later on.

Now we will add some ears to our bunny to make it look more like a bunny! Just try and copy the general shape of the ears as seen below.

Keep the corners rounded and don´t stress out about copying the forms the exact same way, that I drew them. The drawing doesn´t have to be perfect.

Add another line to the lower side of the ear to give it some more depth.

The other ear is going to be straight. But generally, it is drawn the exact same way as the other one.

I added a little curved line to the lower line of the left ear. This will add another level of detail and it will make the drawing more believable.

The paws of the Bunny are quite simple forms. The left paw has a Pea-like shape and the right one has a similar shape only with two added parallel lines.

And with this, we have the general form of our Bunny established. In the next step, we will add some details to make the Bunny look more like a Bunny and to give it some more character.

Step 2: Adding Some Detail to the Drawing

Now let´s add some detail to make our drawing look a little more interesting.

We will start with a carrot, that the bunny is going to hold.

The carrot is a simple elongated ellipse, that is rounded on one end and is tapering down at the other end. The green part of the carrot consists of simple ellipses in different sizes that overlap each other.

We will also add some more detail to the feed of our Bunny. At the top side, I drew three Ellipses and on the lower side, I drew a triangle with very rounded corners.

Then we will do the same thing on the other side.

The nose of the Bunny is a little harder to get right. We drew some guidelines on the head earlier. These will make it easier for us now.

The nose is just a slightly rounded triangle. The topside of the triangle follows the roundness of the head.

From the nose, I drew two circles, that establish the cheeks of the bunny.

Next up we will draw the eyes. Don´t worry, they may seem daunting but they are quite simple once you get the hang of it.

So start by drawing two ellipses that are within the guidelines.

Next up we just draw in two smaller ellipses insight our first two ellipses. I also added two eyebrows above the eyes.

And we are done with the general details. Next up we will draw the outlines with our brush pen or marker.

Step 3: Drawing the Outlines of Our Illustration

For this step, we will need our kneadable eraser and our Brushpen or black Marker.

So use your kneadable eraser to lighten up the lines, that we drew so far.

Then we will grab our Brushpen and trace our lines.

When you trace your lines make sure to vary your line weight to make the lines more lifelike.

Keep on tracing the lines with your brush pen and make sure your lines are clean.

I drew some of the lines at the top of the feet and add some other places like the side of the bunny and at the head.

These lines will simulate the look of fur.

Keep on tracing your lines until you are done. Then I filled the eyes of the Bunny to make it look more alive.

Step 4: Coloring our Bunny

Now we will need the Coloring tools of our choice. I use watercolors but you can choose whatever medium you want.

We will start by picking the base colors of our drawing.

I chose a light and a slightly darker grey tone for the fur of the bunny. I also chose a light and a dark orange color for the carrot and a light and dark green color for the green of the carrots.

And finally light and a dark pink color for the paws.

Fill in the body of the bunny with a light grey color.

Then fill in the other light colors.

Then I used the darker colors to add some shadows to our bunny and make it look more threedimensional.

And you are done! You have successfully drawn your Bunny!

I hope you had fun and you ended up with a cute Bunny drawing.

If you are struggling or if you have any other questions, then write a commend down below and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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