How Long Does Mod Podge Last?

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Mod Podge is an awesome crafting glue and sealer, that can be used for a lot of crafting projects. It is very versatile and easy to use. But since the last time you used your Mod Podge quite some time has passed and you are not sure if you can still use it or you apply it to your artwork and now you are uncertain for how long it will protect your artwork. After reading this article you will know everything there is to know about how long Mod Podge lasts and common issues you may encounter when using it.

So how long does mod podge last? The short answer is Mod Podge doesn´t have an expiration date but after opening it Mod Podge can hold anywhere between 5 to 8 months. If left unopened it can last for years if it is well stored. You can tell if your Mod Podge is unusable when it is discolored or when it is lumpy.

After you have opened your Mod Podge it is important, that you close the tube shut after you are done with using it. If you leave the tube open then your Mod Podge will dry out.

Don´t leave the tube in the sun for too long especially if you are not using it I would suggest putting it somewhere, where no sun can hit it. Like in a box for example.

Don’t leave your Mod Podge near a heat source, like a heater or inside a box, that is being hit by the sun. This will dry out your Mod Podge as well.

If your ModPodge has not been used for quite some time then do a little test if it is still usable by applying a small amount of it on a piece of scrap paper. If the Mod Podge is discolored, so any color other than white, then it is probably not useable anymore. Usually, it will get a little yellowish if it has gone “bad”.

If the Mod Podge is Lumpy or has changed its consistency in any other major way, then it may have gone bad as well.

Generally, Mod Podge is quite durable and it can be stored for quite a long time, so it happens very rarely, that it does go bad.

Does Modge Podge Go Yellow Over Time?

The short answer is yes, it does. Mod Podge does yellow over time especially if your sealed artwork or craft is being hit by sunlight a lot. It can take years, however, for Mod Podge to go yellow. If you want to avoid the yellowing of your Mod Podge, then keep it away from sunlight and heat sources as good as you can.

It will take Mod Podge years to go yellow, so don´t worry too much about it. I have had art pieces, that I sealed with Mod Podge 5 years ago and they still haven´t turned yellow.

But it is also important to keep your artworks or craft projects, that you sealed with Mod Podge away from sunlight. It will not hurt them too much if you have it out in the sun for a day or even a week but if you keep it in the sun or at a place, that is frequently hit by the sun for longer than a year, then your Mod Podge might start to turn yellow.

The same thing happens to other sealants as well, not only Mod Podge. Even resin will turn yellow when it gets hit by too much sunlight or if it is too close to a heat source for a longer time.

So generally, keep your artworks away from too much direct sunlight and don´t hang your artwork over a heater or store it close to any heat source and you will be fine.

Why Did My Mod Podge Dry White?

In short, if you Mod Podge is drying white then you may have applied it too thick or your Mod Podge may have gotten too wet. So try and apply multiple thin layers of Mod Podge and let each layer dry in between or try to keep your Mod Podge away from too much water and humidity.

If your Mod Podge dried white it has very little to do with it being bad or expired. It is usually because it was either used wrong or in a too humid environment.

The most common reason for Mod Podge drying white is because it is applied too thick. When you apply Mod Podge too thick then only the surface has a change too completely dry thus pretty much sealing the lower layer in which will stay liquid and therefore white.

So use multiple thin layers and let them dry in between every layer. This process will guarantee, that your Mod Podge will dry transparent.

Another reason for Mod Podge drying white is if it has gotten too wet. So for example if you are applying it to a still wet surface or if you are living in a very humid part of the world.

So try to apply your Mod Podge to a dry are. Let your artwork or crafts piece dry before you apply Mod Podge and it will dry transparent easily.

If you are living in a very humid area, then try and find a room or area where the humidity levels are lower. For example the basement. Then apply your Modpodge there and see if that helps. You can also try and dry your Mod Podge near a neat source like a heater or a hairdryer to get rid of any humidity nearby.

Does Mod Podge Dry Hard?

In short, there are Mod Podge variations, that dry harder than others like Mod Podge Hard Coat but if you are looking for a product, that makes your project rigid, then I would not suggest using Mod Podge but either spray varnish or liquid resin.

Mod Podge usually doesn´t dry hard. It is more comparable to rubber in consistency when it is dry.

Mod Podge Hard Coat does dry a little harder than regular Mod Podge but it will not make your paper or crafts Project rigid.

If you want to make your craft rigid then I would suggest using either Spray Varnish or liquid Resin.

Spray Varnish is a hard drying coat that is normally used for sealing wood but it can also be applied to a lot of other materials like paper, for example. It will dry very hard but it will also make the surface of your material shiny and somewhat reflective at times.

So I normally only use it for special kinds of crafts, where the shiny look matches the intention.

A resin will dry very hard and it can make your project quite rigid.

Most resins dry clear and matt, so it will not have a shiny surface. It is slightly harder to use because most resins have two components, that have to be mixed before you can apply it.

But liquid resin is the best way to get a very rigid finish on your papercrafts or other projects, that need to be rigid.

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