How to Draw a Baby Pig? Step by Step Guide

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Contrary to popular belief pigs aren´t actually dirty, they are very clean compared to most other animals, that live in the wild. In this guide, we will learn how to draw a baby pig in easy to follow steps.

The drawing in this guide is going to be more cartoonish than realistic.

Drawing a pig is quite easy when you break the more complicated forms down to simple geometric forms. In this guide, I will show you how to do that and if you follow the steps one after another I will guarantee you, that you will end up with an amazing drawing!

So let´s get started with the first part of this guide. The Materials, that you will need to draw a baby pig.

What Materials Do I Need?

I will always list the materials, that I used to create this drawing but I will also list a few other materials, that you can use as well. So you don´t need to get the exact same materials, that I got in order to follow this guide.

Graphite Pencil

I use a regular graphite pencil, that is graded between HB and 6B. You can use any grade as long as it is not harder than HB. The reason for that is because the harder the graphite is the more it can damage the paper, that you are drawing on. And damaged paper is a really annoying problem that can be easily avoided by using a softer graphite pencil.

Marker or Brushpen

When I finished the underdrawing I will often use a regular black Copic marker to tidy up my linework. You can use any Black Marker or a Brushpen as long as the marker does not bleed on the paper and as long as the marker has a tip with which you can vary the line weight through pressure. A Brush tip like the Copic marker has, is best for this.

Kneadable Eraser

I highly recommend a kneadable eraser for pretty much any drawing you do in graphite. A kneadable eraser can erase lines like a regular eraser but it can also lighten up graphite lines buy slightly going over them and you can knead the eraser in any shape or form you like to erase lines very precise.

You can use a regular eraser too but you may damage your paper with a regular eraser and lightening up lines is also quite hard to do.


I personally use either a very strong illustration board or sketch paper. I would recommend a regular sketch paper for simple drawings because it is just cheaper. Sketch paper is also quite durable and you can draw with markers and all kinds of pencils on it without any problems.

Paint or Colored Markers

For coloring, I mostly use Copic markers. But you can use watercolors or acrylic colors too, no problem. As long as your paper can take it you will be fine. You can test how your paper absorbs different paints by testing the paints on a spare piece of paper.

If the paper curls up when getting wet or if the color runs off instead of staying on then your paper is not cut out for that kind of paint.

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Baby Pig?

Before we start with the actual drawing here are some tips, that may help you drawing this piece.

Keep your lines loose and draw from your shoulder and not from your wrist!

Keep the forms of this drawing very round and avoid sharp corners, this will give the drawing a cute and cartoonish look.

And have fun drawing! Don´t think too much about the drawing and don´t stress out about drawing the exact same way I do, just enjoy the process.

Step 1: Creating the Underdrawing of the Baby Pig

We will start by drawing a simple ellipse on the paper using our graphite pen. Keep your lines light and don´t draw them with too much pressure. All these lines are just meant as guidelines and we will erase them later on.

This ellipse is going to be the head of our little pig.

Now draw half of an ellipse, that attaches to the top and bottom of the head. This is going to be the body of our pig.

Next up, draw two circles roughly in the center of the head. These circles are the eyes of our pig.

Slightly under the eyes right between them is going to be the nose. So, draw an ellipse to establish the form of the nose and then draw two little circles in there to give our pig some nostrils.

Add two ears on the top of the head. Carefully look at the form of the ears and try to copy them as well as possible.

You can also add two circles to the inner of the eyes. These circles are the reflection of the eyes.

And I also added two more ellipses under the eyes right on the cheeks. These ellipses will, later on, be drawn in a peachy color to give the baby pig some cute red cheeks.

And finally, we will add some legs and a tail to our pig.

The shape of the leg is a slightly curved shape to make the pig look cute, so avoid angular shapes when you copy this shape!

I also added three little circles on its body to give him some more piglike character. These spots appear on the skin of pigs so including them will make your drawing look more believable.

And we are done with the underdrawing. In the next step, we will refine our drawing and clean up our line art.

Step 2: Creating a Clean Line Drawing

Use your kneadable eraser and lighten up the underdrawing until you can barely see it. Then grab your marker and start tracing the underdrawing. Try to vary your line weight to give the drawing more character.

In this step, it is important, that you don´t blindly trace your lines. The ear, for example, is in front of the body so don’t trace the line of the body, that is behind the ear!

When you traced all the lines with the marker you can erase the underdrawing completely as you don´t need them anymore.

Step 3: Coloring Out Baby Pig Drawing

Whenever I am coloring a drawing I usually choose the colors before I start.

For this drawing, I chose a very light pink color for the main body of the pig. I also chose a reddish color for the cheeks and a slightly darker pink color for the shadow areas.

And finally, I picked an almost black color for the eyes of our pig.

I started by coloring in the main body of our pig with a light pink color.

I chose the darker pink color to color in the nose of the pig and I also colored in the eyes.

Finally, I used the darker pink color to draw some basic shadows just to give the pig a little more depth.

And you are done. Hopefully, you ended up with a great illustration of a baby pig, that you can be proud of.

If you are struggling with the drawing just keep calm and try to trace back, where your mistake was and then just correct it. And if you keep on doing this without getting frustrated then you will be able to draw this very fast!

If you have any questions then just drop a comment below and I will try to answer them as soon as possible!

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