How to Draw a Cake? Easy Drawing Guide.

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In this simple guide, I will teach you how to draw a whole cake and how to draw a cake slice.

This is going to be a step by step guide with downloadable worksheets!

We will start with the whole cake and secondly, I will teach you how to draw just a slice of a cake.

So let´s begin!

Free Worksheet!

You can download the free worksheet for this guide right here!

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What Tools Do I Need For This Guide?

You will need:

  • A graphite pen that is between HB and B6.
  • A black marker or brush pen
  • Some paper, that is thick enough so that the marker does not go through it
  • An eraser. I always recommend a kneadable eraser.

To follow this guide you don´t have to have the exact same tools, that I used.

How to Draw a Cake?

So let´s start by drawing a birthday cake wich some candles on it.

Step 1: Let´s Draw the Form of the Cake

We will start by drawing two circles that are above each other.

Draw these circles with your graphite pen because you will erase some of these lines later on.

Now we will connect the two circles with each other.

And with this, we have the general shape of the cake. That´s all there is to it. Easy right?

Step 2: Defining the Form and Adding Some General Details

Our cake will have some fudge on it so we will define the form of the fudge on top of the cake.

Draw the top part of the decoration a little bigger than the cake underneath. This will make it look more like something is actually on top of the cake.

The bottom part of the fudge is represented by a squiggly line to make it look as if it ran down the sides of the cake.

Now we just have to erase the lines, that we don’t need anymore and we are done with the general shape of the cake.

All that is missing now are the details.

Step 3: Adding the Details

A proper birthday cake needs some candles. So let´s add them!

We will add some lines to the top of the cake to establish where the candles will go.

Just add lines parallel to the first candle lines you did and connect the lines on the top and the bottom part with rounded lines.

Now add some diagonal lines to the candles and a straight small line on top of it.

To add the flames of the candle we simple draw one C-line and an S-line opposite to it. Both of these lines should have the same origin.

And this is how easily you can draw the flames of a candle.

I have colored the sketch but it is up to you if you want to do that or not.

I only used six colors. A light Pink, a regular pink, a dark brown, a light brown color, a green color, and a yellow color for the flame.

For coloring you can use any medium you want. For example watercolor, markers or acryl.

How to Draw a Piece of Cake?

Like I promised above we will also draw a piece of cake.

So let´s get started with the first step!

Step 1: Drawing the General Form

To start off we simply draw a triangle that is missing on the right side.

All of these lines in this step should be drawn in graphite pencil. Because we will erase some of these lines later on.

The part of the triangle that we left open in the first step will now be closed but not with a straight line but with a round line!

We can also add a straight line on the left side of the cake slice to establish how tall the piece of cake will be.

Now we just have to add the same lines we added on the top part of the cake on the bottom part and we have the general form of our piece of cake.

Step 2: Adding the Details!

Firstly let´s add the top layer of the cake!

Simply draw a line parallel to the base part of the cake and add a squiggly line on the right, rounded, side of the piece of cake.

Let´s divide the cake into three equally big parts to indicate that our cake was layered.

I also added some small indents on the left vertical line to indicate, that the three-layered parts are separate from each other.

This is a neat little trick to add another layer of detail!

The candle is a simple cylinder. We are looking from top-down on the cake so the top side of the candle has to be visible.

The flame will be drawn in the exact same way as before.

And with this, we are done!

You have successfully drawn your very own piece of cake!

I have other drawing guides on how to draw a dog, how to draw an airplane and how to draw a fox, that you can have a look at if you want to.

I hope you had fun with this drawing and remember, that you can download a free Worksheet above that you can use to learn these two drawings!

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