How to Draw a Dog || Easy to Follow Guide

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Drawing a dog is not very hard and it is a lot of fun to try and draw different breeds of dogs. There are, after all, a huge number of different dog breeds out there.

So you can follow this easy step by step guide to drawing this dog and after that, you can go ahead and try to draw your very own dog.

Before we start, I have another guide on just drawing a dog face right here.

If you just want to draw the face of a dog then you can check that guide out as well.

I would also suggest to start out with my article on drawing the face of a dog before this one if you are new to drawing.

What Tools will you Need?

So let´s start with the tools I used to draw this picture. You don´t need the exact same tools but it will defiantly help you get better results!


I am using a regular HB pencil for drawing guidelines (in this guide I digitally enhanced the contrast just so that you can see the guidelines better, but they are drawn with a pencil!)

For the final lines, I am using brush pens in different sizes. With these you can produce very sharp and good looking lines, you can also vary your line sizes to increase your line quality substantially. I just love them!


For erasing I am using a kneadable eraser. You can use any eraser but I found the kneadable eraser to be the best because you don´t damage the paper using it and you can form it in any shape and form you want. It’s just the best in my opinion!

And if I have a little accident with one of the markers then I just use regular old tip-ex.


For Paper I just use paper, that is strong enough for the markers and doesn´t bleed. I always suggest either sketching paper or marker paper.

Step 1 – Let´s get Started wich Drawing a Dog

The general forms of a dog are fortunately a lot easier than the general forms of a rose.

First up use your graphite pen to draw some guidelines.

Just a simple cross will do just fine for this drawing.

Remember to keep your guidelines very light, so that you can easily erase them later on!

Step 2 – Draw the Nose

The nose sits in the middle of the face. So use the guideline and draw the nose proximity in the middle.

The form of the nose ist very round but the top part is a little bit more flat while the lower part is almost like a half-circle.

Step 3 – Let´s Draw the Eyes

The eyes are sitting slightly above the middle of the center guideline.

Just draw two little circles for the eyes. And don´t stress out if they are not perfectly round.

Step 4 – Now We Will Draw the Mouth and the Tongue

The mouth consists simply out of two curved lines that originate from the lower tip of the nose.

These lines don´t need to be perfectly symmetrically.

The tongue will start under the two curved lines, that represent the mouth.

Step 5 – Drawing the Head of Our Dog

Use a Graphite pen to draw a circle around the face of our dog.

You can use the point, where our two guidelines are converging as the middle-point of the circle.

Don´t draw this circle with a Marker yet! we will erase some of the circle later on. I just drew the circle here with a marker, so that you can see it better.

Step 6 – Let´s Add the Ears and Erase the Guidelines

Now you can add the ears.

The ears have a weird form, they emerge from the top of the head and wrap around the side of the dog’s head.

Now, that you drew the ears you can finally erase the unnecessary guidelines, and draw the rest of the lines with the marker.

These lines are here to stay.

Step 7 – Now We Will Draw the Body of the Dog

Just draw two symmetric lines under the dog´s head and one line in the middle.

This is going to be the body of our little cute dog.

Step 8 – Let´s Draw the Hind Legs of the Dog

The hind legs are a little rounder than the front legs of the Dog.

The hind legs start in the middle of the body and stop just before the end of the lines of the front lines.

Step 9 – Now We Will Draw the Paws

The paws consist of several lines. Down below you can see how I drew them step by step.

Just follow these steps and your paws will turn out just fine!

Step 10 – Let´s Draw the Tail

The tail is quite easy. It´s just one line from the middle of one of the hind legs, that goes up in one sweeping motion.

To simulate some fur you can draw the second line from the tail of the dog in a slight zick zack motion.

Step 11 – And Finally We Will Add Some Details.

Our dog still needs a cute look, so let´s give him one.

Just draw a shadow in the top part of the eye and add a form, that looks like Pakman, in the middle of the eye.

Then finally ad a small line in the lower-left corner of the eye.

These forms and lines will give the eyes a cute and doglike look.

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Download the Free Printable Worksheet!

If you want a free printable worksheet, that you can use to trace and learn easier then you can download it right here!

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This drawing has a few challenging lines in it but if you don´t give up and just keep on drawing then you will be able to draw it!

You can also add some color to your dog drawing if you want. You could use crayons, watercolor or regular markers like Copic markers of something similar.

Adding color will give your drawing a final finishing touch!

If you want to know how I colored this drawing I have another guide on drawing a fox where I go through my coloring process step by step.

If you want to draw other animals in a simple style like this then you can have a look at my guide on how to draw an alligator or how to draw a flamingo, if you want to.

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