How to Draw a Fox? Step by Step Guide.

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Drawing animals is not easy and can be quite challenging. In this guide, I will walk you through how to draw a simple drawing of a fox.

I will guide you through each of the steps and in the end, you will have a good drawing, that you can be proud of.

So let´s get started with drawing this fox!

The Tools, That You Need For This Guide

For this guide you will need the following:

  • A pencil between HB and 6B for sketching and for the construction lines.
  • An Eraser (I recommend a Kneadable Eraser but any old Eraser will do the trick)
  • Some drawing Paper (I would Recommend a thicker paper with very little grain and texture to it)
  • A black Marker or Brushpen
  • Something to color your drawing with. For example watercolor, crayons or colored pencils. I used crayons and colored pencils in this guide

You probably realized that the material list above is pretty loose. That is because you don´t need the exact same tools, that I used to succeed in drawing this fox.

Just don´t stress out about having or needing the same materials, that I used and just relax and draw 🙂

Free Worksheet

You can use this free worksheet to help you follow this guide a little better.

The Worksheet is a Sheet, that has the completed drawing of the fox with low opacity on it, so you can trace it to help you learn.

You can download the Worksheet for free right here.

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Let´s Draw a Fox From Start to Finish and Step by Step!

Before we start with step number one I would like to tell you a few things and give you a few tips, that will help you with drawing the fox and with drawing in general.

First up, the lines in this guide may look very smooth and clean but that does not mean, that your lines have to be as good or even perfect.

I usually draw every and each line about 2 or 3 times until I get it right and all the lines, that you see in this guide are the best lines I got after studying and repeatedly drawing the lines until I got them right.

So don´t expect your lines to turn out perfectly the first time around! Just keep on trying and you will get there!

My favorite tip to give people who are new to drawing is to draw from your shoulder with your whole arm and not just with your wrist and your hand.

Your lines will be much smoother and overall just more fluid!

And don’t get frustrated. Drawing is hard and drawing animals is not easy at all. But if you stick with it, then you will succeed.

With these tips out of the way let´s start with step number one!

Step 1: Sketching the Generall Form of the Head of the Fox

We will start with a simple circle, that will, later on, become the head of the fox.

Draw the lines in this step with a graphite pencil because you will erase most of these lines later on. These lines are just meant as construction lines.

Next up we will sketch in the ears of the fox. Start wich two lines that go from the center of the head outwards to the side of the head.

Now draw two lines that go slightly outwards and then curve into the head of the fox. The two ears don´t have to be perfectly symmetrically.

On the contrary, if the ears are not perfectly symmetrical then it will actually look better. Nothing in nature is perfectly symmetrical.

The Ears of a fox are facing slightly outwards. So we are adding another line to the ears, that will show this.

Next up we will add the construction lined for the head so that we have a basic idea where we will ad the eyes, nose, and mouth.

We also erase the basic construction lines, that we don´t need anymore.

Step 2: Sketching the Body of the Fox

Now we will add the body of the Fox.

We will simplify it with a box shape and then we will ad simple forms of the legs and tail.

Drawing the legs of the fox correctly can be kinda tricky.

My best tip, that I can give you is drawing them as simple as possible in the beginning. And then keep on refining the forms until it looks good.

The two lines we add in this step are slightly fractured. This will give the impression of fur.

The hindleg is a little bit curved towards the middle of the body in a slightly S-curved line.

add two curved lines to complete the form hindleg.

Lastly, we will add a big teardrop shape at the back part of the body of the fox. This will be the tail of the fox.

Step 3: Let´s Define the Form of the Fox

We will start by lightening up the underdrawing we did in the previous steps and then we will draw the forms more defined and we will start adding some details like fur.

We will add some fur insight of the ears and on top of the head as well as on the forehead.

Next up we will draw the lower part of the eyes right on the guideline of the head and a small cute nose with the mouth right underneath.

The nose is a triangular shape with rounded corners.

simple draw two oval-shaped eyes and add an iris to each of the eyes.

We will just continue with defining the lines and adding more and more details like fur on its chest.

Finally let’s add the lines for the tail and we will erase the construction lines underneath the drawing.

Step 4: Coloring our Drawing

Before we start with coloring it is important, that you use a marker or brush pen to trace the drawing, that you did up until now.

Then choose a drawing medium for coloring, that will not smudge the marker lines. Like crayons or colored pencils.

If you want to use a medium like acrylic paint or watercolor, make sure, that water does not smudge the lines of the marker.

You can test if it does on another piece of paper just to be sure.

We will start by choosing five different colors, that we will use to color our painting.

I choose a dark orange, a medium saturated orange, a very light orange, a little grayish light orange color and a darker grey for the paws of the fox.

So let´s start with the regular orange color to color in the body of the fox.

Next up we will use the very light orange color to color in the fur on the chest, ears and the tip of the tail.

Finally we will ad the dark color to the paws of the fox.

And as an extra finish, you can blend some of the parts like the fur on the tail if you want to.

I hope this guide helped you and I hope you ended up with a fantastic drawing of a fox!

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