How to Draw a Frog? || Cartoon Style

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In this tutorial, I will teach you how to draw a frog in two different styles. One is a Simplified Drawing and the other is a comic style drawing of a frog.

You can download free worksheets, that will help you follow along with the guide if you want to but it is not at all necessary.

Download a Free Worksheet

This worksheet will help you draw both of the drawings in this guide.

The worksheet basically my drawing with low opacity, so that you can trace it with a brush pen and this way, you may learn how to draw these two frogs a little easier.

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Let´s have a look at what tools we need before we start with the guide.

The Tools

You will need some drawing tools for this guide but don´t stress out about having the exact same tools, that I used.

I will keep the list of tools quite general because, as mentioned above, if you use similar drawing tools, as I have it will be more than enough.

You will need:

  • A graphite pen between HB and B6
  • An Eraser (I would recommend a kneadable eraser)
  • Some Paper. I always recommend thick sketching paper or illustration paper.
  • A black Marker or a Brush Pen for the outlines
  • If you want to color your drawing you can use Markers or colored Pencils.

How to Draw a Frog in a Simplified Style

Before we start with this drawing there are some tips I want to give you on your way.

First off, don´t be discouraged if your drawing or your lines aren´t as clean as mine here.

I usually don´t get it right the first time either. I am drawing each line of these drawings between 3 to 4 times before they look just right.

So if you want your lines to look perfect then just don´t give up and draw them repeatedly until they look good to you. Then erase the other lines and keep the good ones.

As mentioned above, don´t get too hung up on what tools I use exactly.

As long as you have a pen and some paper you will be good!

That being said, let´s start with drawing our simplified frog!

Step 1: Sketching the General Form of the Frog

We will start by drawing a big slightly elongated ellipse for the body of the frog.

On top of this ellipse, we will add two circles as placeholders for the eyes.

Draw all of these lines with the graphite pencil because you will erase parts of these lines later on.

Next up we will draw the legs of the Frog.

We will start by drawing two slightly curved lines, that start half way down the ellipse.

The next two lines of the frog’s leg will curve down back towards the body of the frog.

For the feet of the frog, we will simply draw two lines outwards that go slightly apart from each other.

Now we will connect the two lines for the feet wich two curved lines. This will give the feet a more frog-like appeal.

We will also add two parallel lines on each side of the frog for its arms.

And just like with the legs we will draw the hand the exact same way.

Step 2: Let´s Draw some Details.

To start off in this step we will erase all the unnecessary lines.

We will also add two circles to the eyes of the frog. It is important to leave out a bit of these circles on the top right part to give the illusion of a reflection.

Finally, we will add some circles to the frog to give the skin some more life and we also add a smiling mouth to our frog to make him look better.

Finally, you can also color the little frog if you want to.

If you want to know how I colored the Frog you can check the second illustration below, where I go into more detail about coloring a drawing.

Now Let´s Draw a Frog in a Comic-Style!

This second drawing is a little bit harder, then the first one.

But the same things apply. Be patient and take your time with the drawing.

Don´t expect every line to be perfect the first time around.

And also have fun with drawing!

Step 1: Drawing the Basic Shapes of The Frog

We will start with an ellipse again. But this time the first ellipse will be establishing the head and not the body of the frog.

Like with the first drawing we will add two circles as the eyes on top of the head and we will draw another ellipse below the head as a guide for the frog´s body.

Almost exactly like we did with the drawing above we will ad two lines for the frog’s legs.

Next up we will add the two feet to the frog. Keep all the lines very rounded and don´t make sharp corners to keep the frog more comic like looking.

The Arms are drawn exactly the same way as before.

After we are done with the generall forms we will erase all the unnecessary lines.

Step 2: Refining the Figure of the Frog

Now we can draw all the lines with a permanent marker and we can start adding some details like the mouth of the frog and the nostrils.

The eyes will be drawn the same way as we drew them above as well.

Simply draw a circle and leave out a bit on the top left side of the iris to give the illusion of a reflection in the eyes.

As a final Detail, we will add some ellipses to give the skin of the frog a better more realistic look.

Step 3: Let´s color our drawing!

Before I start coloring a drawing like this I usually choose the right colors for the drawing.

I chose three differently saturated green colors, a white color, and a darker color for the eyes.

For coloring you can use any medium, that doesn´t smudge your black marker. You could use crayons, colored pencils, watercolor or something similar. Whatever you like best.

I always start by drawing the base color in. In this case, I choose the green color, which is in the middle of the two in terms of saturation.

I colored in the Stomach of the frog next. I chose the light green color for this.

Next up are the eyes. Simply color the eyes with the white color, that you choose and the iris will be painted plack.

Finally, I added some Details by blending some of the base colors together and I also colored the spots on the skin of the frog.

And with this, we are done. You now have successfully drawn your very own frog!

I hope this guide was helpful to you and I hope you had fun following it.

If you liked this guide I have several other easy drawing guides where I teach how to draw a fox or how to draw an alligator in a similar style.

As mentioned before, you can download a worksheet for both of these drawings, that will hopefully help you with these illustrations.

You can download the Worksheet above!

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