How to Draw Shoes || Male Shoes and High Heels

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In this Guide, I will teach you how to Draw shoes with step by step examples.

You will learn how to Draw female and male shoes from side, front and three-quarter view.

So let’s draw some shoes!

What Tools Do I Need for This Tutorial?

The tools are not that important. So don’t worry, if you don’t have the exact same tools as I have.

You will need a pencil that is not harder than HB, I like to use 6B Pencils for most of my drawings.

But it doesn´t really matter all that much if you use any other B grade pencil.

And you will need an Eraser. I always recommend a kneadable eraser but any eraser will do.

The only reason I like the kneadable eraser better is that it is a lot cleaner and you can lighten up lines with it.

And something to draw on, obviously. I would recommend regular drawing or sketching paper that has a little tooth to it.

But as long as the paper is a little bit stronger then it will do just fine for learning purposes.

How to Draw Shoes From the Front?

So let’s have a look at drawing shoes from the front.

It sounds easy but it is deceptive and in the end, you will find, that drawing shoes correctly from the front can be surprisingly hard.

But it doesn´t have to be hard. I will show you a easy approach to drawing shoes and you will be able to draw them in no time with some practice.

So let´s begin with the first step.

Step 1: Establishing the Form

Let´s begin with some rough shapes to sketch the basic form of the shoes.

Don´t concentrate too much on the details yet and keep your lines light, as they are only meant to be guidelines and they will be erased later on.

I also drew a horizontal line to ensure, that both shoes are on the same hight.

Step 2: Erasing the Guidelines

After we sketched out the rough shapes of the shoes we will have to establish some major details and clean up some of the rougher lines.

So let´s lighten up the guidelines and define them more boldly.

Step 3: Adding some Details

Now we will start adding some details.

Details are a lot of fun and it is also the step of the drawing, that will take the longest.

So take your time and add one detail after another. It is the most fun part of every drawing for me.

Finally, let´s add some color.

If you want to know how I color my Drawings then you can check my guide on how to draw an airplane where I explain my coloring approach.

How to Draw Shoes in Walking Motion?

This is another tricky thing.

How do you draw shoes in walking motion?

If you just concentrate on drawing the general shapes correctly then you won´t have any problems with the rest.

Step 1: The Basic Shapes

This is always the most important step.

So take your time with this step and make sure, that the general shapes look right until you move to the next step.

So like before, roughly sketch out the forms of the shoes. Keep your lines light because they are just guidelines.

Like before, you will erase them later on.

Step 2: Defining the Lines and Erasing the Guidelines

Lighten up the sketch lines and define the forms with bold lines.

Keep the line weight interesting and not too even. In this step, you can also start to add some first details.

Step 3: Adding the Details

Not it is all about the details.

Add as many as you like and you will be done.

Finally, add some color to the drawing.

And finally How to Draw Female Shoes in Side View

The different steps remain largely the same.

So we will start the same way as before.

Step 1: Sketch the Basic Forms

Draw the rough shapes of the shoes and like before, keep the lines light and the shapes rough.

Step 2: Define the Lines

Lighten up the lines of the rough sketch with your eraser and define the lines with bolder lines.

Add some details and you are done!

Drawing Shoes needs some exercise but as long as you don´t give up you will learn it! Probably faster, than you think. Keep on Drawing!

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