How to get back into Drawing?

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The short answer is, just start drawing again! Think of what you like or what inspired you lately and just draw that. Just start with simple things or things you used to draw a lot to get comfortable with drawing again.

I have been drawing on and off for over 3 years until I finally got around to make a Habit out of it and since then I never stopped for 2 Years now! If you want to find out how I did it then read on!

So, how do you get Back into the Habit of Drawing?

Here are my personal Tipps, that helped me getting Back!

Tipp one: Get some Inspiration!

The main reason, why I stopped Drawing over and over again was because I wasn’t inspired to draw or I just simply couldn’t find the time to draw anymore, but more on that later.

So how can you find inspiration? That is different for every person. But one thing is the same for everyone. Go and see awesome stuff!

So either go out in an interesting Museum or go and see an amazing inspiring location or see a nice show, a Musical maybe. But seeing new things will get your brain going and your inspiration will ignite.

Everyone knows the feeling after you saw an amazing show, that’s the exact feeling, that you are after!

Another thing, that helped me personally is looking at drawings and paintings from other artists in an art community. My personal favorite is Artstation. There are a lot of amazing artist on there and a lot of inspiration to find.

Just don´t get lost in it and don´t get intimidated by the amazing art. Always remember, most of these guys are professionals, who draw for years and probably every day.

Tipp Number two: Don´t try to find time to draw and just draw!

One of the biggest reasons people quit drawing in the first place, that I hear over and over again, is “I don´t have time to draw anymore” or “I simply can´t find time for drawing”. This was also a reason why I quit drawing for a while.

Until I heard a very simple and yet genius advice from an African friend of mine. He said, there is a saying in Africa that goes like this: “Every living being in this world has 24 hours a Day. There is no such thing as >no time<“.

And he is completely right. It is up to us, how we use these 24 hours every day. After that, I started to carry a sketchbook around with me and I started to draw in it whenever I found time for it. Every Single Day.

When I am sitting in the Bus or in the Train on the way to work I draw; when I am waiting for something I am drawing; Whenever I find the time I am drawing even if it is only 5 Minutes. It adds up and you are starting to make a habit out of it.

And my final Tipp: Start personal Projects.

This final Tipp is my favorite! Start a personal Project, that you are passionate about. Don´t think about what could work or what would make money. Just start the project that you always wanted to make.

Did you want to draw your own comic book? Just do it! Did you want to illustrate a Book? Illustrate your own Book.

Whatever it is, start your Project! Pation is one of the best motivations!

Some final Words

These Tipps helped me to get back into drawing and I hope, that they will help you! This Block is part of my Project and it helped me a ton. So don´t give up and keep on Drawing!

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