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What is the Difference Between Air Dry Clay and Polymer Clay

When you want to make a sculpture you will have to make a very important choice before even starting on your sculpture and that is choosing your type of clay. The two most often used types of clay amongst hobby crafters are air-dry clay and polymer clay. But which one … Read more

How to Fix Cracked Air Dry Clay

One of the biggest downsides to using air-dry clay is that it tends to crack easily during the drying process. Especially cheaper air dry clay tends to crack very easily but what can you do when your clay cracked? Well fix it of course and I will tell you exactly … Read more

How Durable is Air Dry Clay?

Air-dry clay is probably one of the most used clays for hobby crafters. It is easy to use and its biggest advantage over other similar products is that you don´t need a kiln to fire it. Air-dry clay will harden on its own as soon as it gets in contact … Read more

How to Paint Pottery at Home Without a Kiln

It doesn´t matter if you paint pottery that you made yourself or pottery that you bought, painting pottery, in general, can be quite daunting and most guides out there will tell you that you need a kiln if you want to permanently paint your pottery. The truth is that there … Read more

Can You Seal Air Dry Clay With Nail Polish?

Air dry clay is an amazing crafts material. It is easy to use, easy to work with, and you don´t need a kiln to fire it instead it will simply dry and harden that way. But, even though it is not mandatory, you might still want to seal your air … Read more

What Materials Does Air Dry Clay Stick To

Air dry clay is quite different to work with than regular clay or polymer clay. It can be used together with quite some materials in order to create awesome sculptures. But it is not always easy to find out what materials air dry clay sticks to because it will sometimes … Read more

How to Make Air Dry Clay Smooth

When I first started using air dry clay there was nothing more frustrating for me than trying to smooth the surface of my first few sculptures. No matter how hard I tried I never really got the surfaces of my sculptures to look smooth. So after a lot of headaches, … Read more

Can Air Dry Clay Be Used For Mugs? – A Comprehensive Answer

Air dry clay is an amazing crafts material for kids and adults alike. It is easy to use, you don´t need to fire it, and it is quite cheap. But even though air dry clay is awesome and even though it can do a lot of things it can´t do … Read more

Can Air Dry Clay Get Moldy

I know where the question is coming from. I have quite a few air-dry clay packages in my studio that are just sitting there. Some are already open and I am asking myself, every time I see them, how long they might still be usable. I will give you one … Read more

Working With and Painting Milliput Epoxy Putty

When you are interested in sculpting then Milliput epoxy putty is something you should be interested in. It is a two-part epoxy, that you mix before shaping it in form. You have between 2 and 4 hours of work time before it starts curing. You don´t need to fire Milliput, … Read more