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How to Use Acrylic Paint to Color Epoxy Resin Successfully

Epoxy resins are commonly used for sealing floors, walls, and wood surfaces. Due to the fact that epoxy resins are more durable and effective than most glues, they are usually used in outdoor coatings. While epoxy resins come in different colors, it’s not uncommon to color epoxy resin to create … Read more

Can Polymer Clay be Baked Twice

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to bake polymer clay twice or even more than that. For example, if you want to create a very complex sculpture and you need parts of the sculpture to be hardened already before you can continue to work on it … Read more

How to Glue Clay: Including Air-Dry Clay And Polymer Clay

There were lots of times, where I had to glue clay because either my project cracked while it was drying or I dropped it while working on the finishing touches or it got damaged during transportation. I had to glue a lot of different kinds of clay for lots of … Read more

Conditioning Polymer Clay: How to Soften and Harden it.

Polymer Clay is an awesome clay for beginners and professionals alike but one problem, that everyone runs into, in the beginning when using polymer clay, is how to condition it. Polymer clay is not like traditional clay and therefore most of the traditional techniques for conditioning won´t work for polymer … Read more

What is the Best Clay for Beginners?

A lot of newcomers to the world of sculpting and modeling have this question. You may feel lost in the overwhelming mass of different clay types and products, that are out there in the crafts shops. But don´t worry, after reading this article, you will have a good idea what … Read more

How to Paint Air Dry Clay: Avoid Paint Chipping and Cracks

Air-dry clay is an awesome, cheap, and easy-to-use crafting material, especially for kids. You don´t need a kiln or an oven to cure it and you can create great projects easily at home. But most of the time, the project isn´t done until it is painted so in this article … Read more

Which Materials Can Be Used Together With Polymer Clay?

One question that will come up sooner or later when working with polymer clay is what kind of materials can you use together with polymer clay. You may want to use a wooden frame as a base for your polymer project or you have a metal armature, that you want … Read more

How to Find The Best Polymer Clay For Your Project

There are a lot of different brands of Polymer clay out there and most of these brands have there own variations of polymer clay. So it is no surprise, that a lot of beginners ask themselves which brand and polymer clay variant is the right one for their project. And … Read more

How to Paint Polymer Clay and Avoid Paint Chipping

After reading this article you will know everything there is to know about painting and sealing your polymer clay while avoiding any paint chipping and scratching. I will also address the most common mistakes and problems that people run into and how to avoid all of them. So how do … Read more

How to Color Polymer Clay: The Very Best Methods

After reading this article, you will know how to paint and color polymer clay the right way. Learn how to avoid annoying bubbles or brittle clay, color clay correctly, and learn how to paint polymer clay in a way, that the color will hold for a very long time and … Read more