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How to Copy a Shirt – No Pattern Needed!

Copying an existing shirt that fits well is an easy way to sew great clothes that will fit perfectly. And it is such a wonderful feeling to sew something that fits without any adaptations! In the following, you will learn how to copy a shirt by following a detailed step-by-step … Read more

How to Work With Epoxy Resin – Everything You Need to Know

What is Epoxy Resin and How Does it Work? Epoxy resin is a synthetic resin that is usually mixed with a hardener to start a curing process that results in a solid product. The curing process is exothermic meaning that heat will be produced while the resin cures. Epoxy resin … Read more

How to Sew an Organizer – Free Tutorial (No Pattern Needed)

Sewing some useful things is a great way to practice sewing skills while simultaneously saving money and having the joy of owning and using self-made objects, which can be very satisfying. This organizer is an open bag that can be used to organize storage space, but also to organize things … Read more

How to Sew a Pillowcase with a Flap (No Pattern Needed)

Sewing a pillowcase is a great project to start with. You don’t need any sewing experience and only a few tools to start your sewing journey. And you can choose your own fabric for your custom pillowcase. As a whole, sewing a pillowcase is a great project to start with. … Read more

How to Repair Resin Sculptures and Resin Surfaces

Resin can easily be repaired by either using a two-part epoxy glue to glue broken pieces back together or by using either some epoxy resin or some sandpaper to repair imperfections on resin surfaces. Surfaces only need to be cleaned of dust and debris before applying any type of epoxy … Read more

How Clear is Regular Epoxy Resin and Can it be as Clear as Glass?

Epoxy resin is a very unique crafting material that is very versatile. One of the biggest reasons for its recent popularity is the fact that it is transparent and colorless. But I wanted to test if every type of epoxy resin is clear and if resin can be as clear … Read more

How Durable is Resin? We Used a Hammer to Find Out

Resin is used in many products nowadays from river tables, over 3D printed parts, to jewelry, and even as flooring. Most of these items will be used each day and have to take a lot of abuse. So I was wondering, just how durable is resin really? We tested it … Read more

What Epoxy Resin Doesn´t Stick to – A Full List

Epoxy is one of the best glues for hobbyists and industrial uses that we currently have. And epoxy resin is a fantastic material for any kind of woodworking, jewelry, and art projects. But while epoxy resin sticks to a lot of different materials there are also a few materials that … Read more

Sovol 3D is Releasing the SV05 Cubic 3D Printer This Month

Sovol 3D is releasing the SV05 this month. The SV05 will cost 299$ at release and some of the most interesting features include a direct metal extruder and higher printing speeds of 80mm/s. Sovol is a manufacturer of 3D printers. The naming convention of their printers is pretty straightforward. They … Read more

The Heat Resistantce of Normal and High Temperature Epoxies

Epoxy resin is used in many different fields and can be found in many products such as tabletops, miniatures, countertops, swimming pools, and so on. It is generally very rigid and scratch resistant. But is epoxy heat resistant? Regular art epoxy resin is not very heat resistant and can only … Read more

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