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The Heat Resistantce of Normal and High Temperature Epoxies

Epoxy resin is used in many different fields and can be found in many products such as tabletops, miniatures, countertops, swimming pools, and so on. It is generally very rigid and scratch resistant. But is epoxy heat resistant? Regular art epoxy resin is not very heat resistant and can only … Read more

Does Epoxy Resin Adhere to Wood? – We Asked an Expert!

Epoxy resin is used for a lot of different things and can be used together with lots of different materials. But will epoxy resin adhere to wood? Epoxy resin will adhere to every type of wood. The strength of the adhesion depends on the viscosity of the resin and on … Read more

Is Epoxy Resin Plastic? A Simple Explanation

Epoxy resin is amazing to work with because of its versatility. It can be used in woodworking projects, dioramas, for sealing swimming pools, for gluing different materials, and so on. Interestingly enough a lot of people who use epoxy resin on a daily bases don´t even know what it is. … Read more

How to Dry Air Dry Clay Without Cracking

The most frustrating part of working with air dry clay is drying it without it cracking in the process. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when working with air dry clay that will keep it from cracking during the drying process. So how do you dry … Read more

How to Revive Dried Air Dry Clay

I often said that air dry clay is a great medium for making sculptures but it is not a good clay if you want a permanent durable sculpture. So does that mean that dried air dry clay can be revived? Dried air dry clay can be revived by breaking it … Read more

Epoxy Vs. Resin – The Differences Simply Explained

There is often quite some confusion surrounding this subject. Some say that resin and epoxy are the same while others say they are totally different. I have been working with both, resin and epoxy, and I did quite some research to understand the difference between the two. So what is … Read more

What Does Epoxy Stick to? A Complete List

Epoxy resin has a lot of uses in the hobby and in the industrial world. When I started out I had some difficulties understanding what resin would stick to and what it would not adhere to so some of my first resin projects failed. To keep this from happening to … Read more

How to Sand Resin and Don´t Lose its Transparency

Resin often has a perfect surface finish after it has cured but sometimes you want to remove parts from the resin or sand the resin down. I personally worked a lot with all kinds of resin and often had to sand resin as a final finishing step. In this article, … Read more

Here is What You Need to Start Making Resin Jewelry

You don´t need much to get started with making resin jewelry but there are a lot of tools that you can get to make the whole process of making resin jewelry easier and faster. In this guide, I will go over materials that you need, some materials that will simply … Read more

Can Resin be Used Outdoors? – What to Look Out For.

I have been working a lot with resin lately and it is one of the most versatile crafting mediums I have ever worked with. Resin is very durable and waterproof but does that mean that resin can also be used outdoors? Resin can be used outdoors because of its high … Read more

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