Wooden Treasure Box – Downloadable Laser Cutter Files

Digital files for manufacturing a wooden treasure box with a CNC machine or a laser engraver.
– Files are made for 3mm thick plywood
– Size fo the box: 156 x 98 x 129 mm (l,w,h)
– Only glue is needed to assemble the box
– Files come with a detailed assembly guide.


I have an article on how I painted the Treasure Box that you can read right here.



With user-friendly instructions included, our downloadable files make the entire crafting process a breeze.

Simply download, cut, engrave, and finally assemble the treasure chest.

The result?

A beautiful treasure chest that can be personalized however you like.

Use your personalized treasure chest for your next D&D session, Larping adventure, or just as a nice decorative piece in your home.


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