Sculpting Tools

In my videos, I use a lot of different sculpting tools but the most important and useful ones are listed here.


The most important part is obviously the type of clay I use for my sculptures.

Polymer Clay Firm

I prefer polymer clay firm for most of my sculptures and dioramas. It is easy to work with and polymer clay can be easily hardened in an oven.

Polymer clay firm is the best type of polymer clay for sculpting, in my opinion, because it retains finer surface details than regular or soft polymer clay. But it is also not the easiest type of polymer clay for beginners.

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Monster Clay

Monster clay is another clay I like to use for sculpting. It is great because you can soften it by heating it up and when it cools down it will get hard enough to add insane details.

But it is not possible to permanently harden monster clay so you have to make a silicone mold and then cast the mold in resin. And that whole procedure isn´t really easy, especially for beginners.

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Sculpting Tools

It always seems like the sculpting tools to form your clay sculpture is very important but in truth, you can get very far with a simple set of basic sculpting tools.

This very basic toolset is more than enough to get you started and it comes at a reasonable price as well.

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