Snapmaker is Releasing the J1 – An Ultra-Fast 3D Printer

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Snapmaker only recently announced the release of their new 3-in-1 printer called Artisan and now, they follow up with the release of the J1, an ultra-fast 3D printer, that will be available for preorder on the 8th of November.

But what is this new printer all about?

Features of the J1 3D Printer

Max. printing speed350 mm/s
Two separate print headsAllows for mirror printing, multicolor printing, and printing with breakaway or water-dissolvable filament.
One-piece die castingMinimizes potential wobble, distortion, and ensures stable motion.
High-precision linear railsEnsures smooth and steady movements
300┬░C All-metal hot endEnables you to print pretty much every type of filament you want including nylon.
Direct extrusionAllows you to print with flexible filaments (TPU)

Especially the really high printing speeds and the fact that the J1 has two separate print heads that can be used to print simultaneously in mirror mode or together for more complex prints are really the most interesting features of the J1 for me.

I am very interested to see a 3D printer like this coming from Snapmaker because they are known for their high-quality machines.

I had the pleasure to test the Snapmaker 2.0 and apart from a few minor issues, the Snapmaker is without a doubt one of the best machines I own, as you can read in my review of the Snapmaker 2.0 right here.

But enough about the features. How much will the J1 cost?

The Cost of the J1 on Release

The J1 comes with quite a high price point but if the quality of the machine is right then it will be well worth the price point.

The J1 3D printer will be released on 8th November for pre-order at $1,099 and MSRP (manufacturer┬┤s suggested retail price) will be $1,399.

You can pre-order the J1 on the official Snapmaker site right now.

When Will the J1 be Released?

The J1 will be available to preorder on 8th November but the actual shipping date is not yet known (as of me writing this article).

But new releases are usually shipped within 3 months after preordering them as we saw with the Snapmaker 2.0 and the Snapmaker Artisan.

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