Things to draw easy

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You are searching for a few easy things to draw?

Either because you want to get back into drawing or you just want something easy to draw that will yield great results?

Then here is a list of great and easy to draw things for you!

1.How about some magical Books?

Books are quite easy to draw. All a Book is when you really look at it, is a square.

Just draw some squares in an interesting arrangement and add interesting details and you are done.

The best part is, your possibilities are endless! You could draw a magical book, no, the one magical book to rule them all. With crazy runes all over it and a title, no one dares to read!

Or you could draw a messy table, that is overflowing with all kind of different shaped books and pages! It is easy, a lot of fun and you can lose yourself in the detail phase.

If you want a general guide on how to draw books, here is a step by step guide to get you started.

2. Another thing to draw easy is a Fower

Flowers are quite easy to draw. Just look at a reference picture and try to copy the basic shapes of the Flower and the individual petals. Then all that is left is to shade the paddles a little and you are done.

But don´t stop there! If you want to really have fun with it, then try and make a flower up. Draw a carnivore plant, that is specialized in hunting white rabbits! How would that flower look like?

Or draw a flower, that has every color of the rainbow! That would be an awesome flower!

Let your creativity free and see what you can come up with! Here is a tutorial on how to draw a Flower.

3. Or you could draw smoke!

I know, it sounds boring at first but just look at some inspirational Pictures out there.

Smoke can be awesome to draw! It can be a lot of fun.

You could, for example, draw smoke, that spins and forms a spiderweb. Or you could make a smoke flower! So many possibilities!

If you are struggling with drawing smoke, then check this tutorial out to get you started.

4. Draw a Skull!

yes, Skulls are a little bit more complex, then the rest of the ideas on this list but they are still pretty easy to draw.

Just don´t try drawing them from your imagination right away. Instead, you should look for a good picture that you can copy from. As always, focus on the overall shape of the object first. And then go into details.

Drawing Skulls can be a lot of fun. You could draw the skull of a long lost warrior, that has war paintings on them and is chipped from wounds, that cut deep.

Or you could draw the skull of a mad scientist, who died in a mysterious way, maybe he is still wearing his glasses?

5. Maybe you want to draw a Rose?

Roses have a lot of interesting shapes and are easier to draw than you might think.

So how about drawing the most beautiful Rose there ever was. Or what if the Rose is made out of wood or smoke?

Here is a little guide on drawing a Rose.

6. Here is a realy fun one. You could draw a City!

All you need to do, if you want to draw a city, is creating a perspective grid. I recommend a one point perspective grid for the start.

And then you can fill the whole grid with the most amazing Buildings, that you can possibly imagine. Here is a guide for drawing a city in perspective.

7. Drawing mountains is a relaxing exercise.

If you want to draw something relaxing, then you can try drawing some Mountains.

You could make them mysterious by adding a lot of fog or you could give them ridicules shapes.

You can draw the mountain where the evilest being ever, lives or you can draw the Mountains, where the gods reside. You could draw the Olymp!

Mountains are pretty easy to draw once you understand how the atmospheric perspective works.

And it is very relaxing to draw them. Here is a guide, to help you out!

8. Draw a Building

This may sound boring at first but hear me out. You could draw a castle of a steampunk maniac or a castle, that was built upside down by a mad builder!

Really, there are so many possibilities! And drawing a building is quite easy as well. If you draw a simple perspective grid and follow it well enough, you can make everything look believable!

So get to it and draw the most amazing Building!

9. When in doubt draw a cat.

Yes, cats are the problem, the solution, and the answer!

Drawing a cat may sound daunting in the beginning but it isn´t as difficult as you may think. You can break every object or subject, that you want to draw, down in its geometric basic forms.

And when you did that correctly, then you can start refining it by adding more and more details. And before long, you drew an awesome cat. If you want to learn more about this method, then check this guide here out!

10. Hey, lets doodle something!

Doodling isn´t really a thing to draw but it is a good trick to find something, that you could be interested to draw. So sit down and get a permanent pen, or at least one, that you can not erase, and start doodling some forms.

Don´t start with something specific in mind, just doodle whatever comes to mind. Maybe a form, a pattern or a texture that you find interesting.

Try to fill the whole paper with your doodles. And when you are done then you maybe got rid of all the bad ideas and the good ones are left or you found a very interesting shape, that may resemble something by accident and you can go from there.

Just have fun

I hope this little list could help you to find something to draw. No matter what you decide to draw, you should always have fun with it. Learning to draw can be very frustrating but as long as you don´t give up, you will learn it. In fact, you will never quite master drawing anyways. There is always more to learn and that is the amazing thing about it. So keep on drawing and until next time!

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