Fraktur Script Worksheet

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What is the Fraktur Script?

“Fraktur” is a German word meaning “broken”. The Fraktur script is called that way because compared to the rounded Antiqua script, that was common at the time, the Fraktur Script was very angular and the individual lines were broken up. This Script was mainly used in the 16th to the mid 20th century. It is still very popular in Germany.

What is in this Package?

This Package consists of four different pages. The first page will show the general information about the Fraktur Script, like guidelines, angle to hold the pen in, the complete capital and small letter alphabets, and step by step instructions on how to write some of the letters. The second and third pages are practice pages for the small and capital letters. The last page just has the guidelines for the script on it for you to practice

Do you want to learn Calligraphy?

This sheet is the perfect start for learning the Fraktur script. If you want to learn calligraphy consider checking out my complete beginner’s guide to calligraphy!

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