A free printable calligraphy worksheet for the Blackletter (Gothic) Script

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What is in this
free printable calligraphy worksheet?

The free printable calligraphy worksheet consists of four different sheets, that will help you learn the Blackletter Script very fast. The First sheet will show you all the general Information about this Script like x-height, the nib to use in the beginning, how to hold the pen and more. This Worksheet will teach you the minuscules (small letters) of the gothic script and the majuscules (capital letters). There will be examples of how to draw some of the letters to help you at the start.

The other three sheets in this Download will have the complete alphabet printed at the top together with baseline, x-height, ascend and descend lines already pre-drawn for you. So you can print the sheet out and start writing straight away no need to prepare your paper or anything. Also as a little help, in the beginning, the letters will be printed on the lines in a lighter tone for you to trace. This will help you to get a feeling for the Script. The last sheet will only have the lines on it for you to practice on.

Do you want to learn calligraphy?

This worksheet is the perfect start for learning the Blackletter script. If you want to learn calligraphy consider checking out my complete beginner’s guide to calligraphy! This guide will show you the tools and best pens to write calligraphy, I will teach you how to prepare your pens and how to load them with Ink and finally I will teach you to write three different Scripts including this Blackletter Script! So check it out if you are interested, it´s free!

Download the
free printable calligraphy worksheets for free here!

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